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Anxiety is an often-misunderstood disorder because many people don’t realize that frequent overwhelming anxiety isn’t normal and it is treatable. At Trilogy Behavioral Health Services, board-certified nurse practitioner Nikki Myles, NP, and the expert team of mental health providers offer supportive care for anxiety disorders through office-based and telehealth appointments. The main offices are in Germantown and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with additional telehealth offices in Reno, Nevada; Sheridan, Wyoming; Oro Valley, Arizona; St. Petersburg, Florida; Boulder, Colorado; and Portland, Oregon. Call the office nearest you or book an appointment online now.

Anxiety Q & A

When is it an anxiety disorder versus normal anxiety?

Anxiety is something that everyone experiences sometimes. It’s common to feel stressed and anxious when you’re facing work problems, relationship issues, financial troubles, or other roadblocks in life. 

But, anxiety usually only lasts for a short time. Once the big stressor is out of the way, it gets better. For example, it’s normal to feel anxious before a big exam, but the anxiety usually goes away quickly once the exam ends. 

Around 30% of American adults have an anxiety disorder, which is quite different from normal anxiety. In an anxiety disorder, the anxiety doesn’t fade away and often worsens. It might appear even when the cause isn’t clear, a sharp contrast to normal anxiety that usually happens in stressful situations. 

Anxiety disorders and depression often occur together, so you might also experience deep sadness, loss of interest in the things you usually like, self-isolation, and other issues.

If your anxiety occurs frequently or daily and is so severe that it disrupts your everyday life, you need help with anxiety management. Anxiety treatment can help you understand why your anxiety occurs and how to manage mental and physical symptoms when they happen. 

Who is the best person to see about anxiety?

Professionals with specialized experience in the medical management of mental health disorders are best suited to treat anxiety disorders. Seeking professional help gives you access to the services you might need to manage your anxiety disorder, such as medication management. 

At Trilogy Behavioral Health Services, your medical care is provided by mental health professionals who can help you manage anxiety symptoms using a holistic, bodywide approach. 

What does anxiety treatment involve?

Anxiety treatment usually includes:

Medication management

Medication management for anxiety often includes a prescription for antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs. The team can work with you to find the right medication. 


Lifestyle changes, including healthy eating, exercise, sleep routine changes, and relaxation practices, can all help you reduce the frequency of your anxiety symptoms and prevent them from worsening. 


Psychotherapy can help you examine the roots of your anxiety and enables you to react to anxiety in a healthy way. It can greatly improve your overall mental health and quality of life.

Trilogy Behavioral Health Services provides telehealth care to make anxiety treatment convenient. Call the nearest office or schedule your appointment online now.